2019 Scholarships

Eldorado Game Association Offers Ten $2K Scholarships in 2019

The Eldorado Game Association will be awarding TEN - $2,000 scholarships to 2019 graduates of Eldorado High School who are pursuing a four-year degree in Agricultural Sciences (including wildlife management, animal husbandry, conservation services, crop production); a two-year technical degree (including automotive maintenance, industrial production, HVAC, welding, computer science, criminal justice, cosmetology) or a four-year general degree program (including accounting, business, education, medical).  The EGA believes that the youth of our community are our future and is proud to offer their support thanks to the generous support of their annual Game Dinner.

To be considered for an Eldorado Game Association Scholarship, the applicant must submit the EHS 2019 Local Scholarship Application, Student Resume, an Official High School Transcript with class rank posted and the EGA Application Essay Questions.  Candidates who apply will be interviewed to determine the final selection.  Applications must be submitted to the High School Counselor by Friday, April 5, 2019.

Scholarship recipients will have the option to accept the scholarship payment over a two year period. The Eldorado Game Association Scholarship will be paid to the academic institution as directed by the recipient. Proof of acceptance and enrollment verification must be provided before a check will be issued.

The Eldorado Game Association will reserve the scholarship funds for the following year if no qualified candidates are found.

Applications are available on the Eldorado Game Association website. Applications are also available on the school website here.

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